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Since the nineteenth century and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the railway industry has been an integral part of America’s economic growth and maturation. Commuters and tourists use today’s rails for business and personal travel, and thousands of tons of commercial trade are transported everyday by freight trains. Thousands of miles of track cross the continental United States, and the rail industry collectively garners over twenty billion dollars in sales every year.

With all the growth the railroad industry has experienced since the nineteenth century, railroad safety development has all but reached a stand still, leaving decades old technology inadequately attempting to protect people at railroad crossings.


At TrakSafeT Inc., we are determined to break the status quo for safety in the railroad industry.

Our founders, Anthony and Sherry Worthey, recognized that today’s outdated railroad safety system was allowing far too many railroad crossing collisions; something needed to change.


We are a veteran owned, certified Small, Woman-owned, and Minority-owned Business (SWaM) that is dedicated to innovation and success.

More importantly, TrakSafeT Inc. is dedicated to working to revolutionize the railroad industry to what it should be: accident free.



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