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"Railroad Safety Tomorrow, Today."





Since the nineteenth century and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the railway industry has been an integral part of America’s economic growth and maturation. Commuters and tourists use today’s rails for business and personal travel, and thousands of tons of commercial trade are transported everyday by freight trains. Thousands of miles of track cross the continental United States, and the rail industry collectively garners over twenty billion dollars in sales every year.

With all the growth the railroad industry has experienced since the nineteenth century, railroad safety development has all but reached a stand still, leaving decades old technology inadequately attempting to protect people at railroad crossings.


At TrakSafeT Inc., we are determined to break the status quo for safety in the railroad industry.

Our founders, Anthony and Sherry Worthey, recognized that today’s outdated railroad safety system was allowing far too many railroad crossing collisions; something needed to change.


We are a veteran owned, certified Small, Woman-owned, and Minority-owned Business (SWaM) that is dedicated to innovation and success.

More importantly, TrakSafeT Inc. is dedicated to working to revolutionize the railroad industry to what it should be: accident free.





Every year nearly 300 American motorists are killed in preventable railroad crossing collisions. This number doesn't even account for serious injuries. It definitely doesn't even come close to the number of family members, friends, railroad employees or first responders devastated by these incidents.

In February of 2015, a commuter train struck a Mercedes Benz SUV in Valhalla, New York, dragging it down the tracks for nearly 800 feet before finally coming to a stop. Five people were killed. 


Railway accidents also require hours upon hours of railway investigations, lawsuits,  insurance claims and cleanup. 

Productivity is lost while

while railways are blocked. Commuters cannot get to work, and damaged trains and automobiles are removed from service.

The Valhalla accident required a full week of NTSB investigators researching an accident that should have been prevented.


Even if a train collision is minor enough to not cause injury or death, they always manage to cost a fortune. A 2012 study in Nebraska showed the average cost of a train collision in their state is over $800,000. Just the cost of a new five-axle diesel truck is $192,000. 

After the NTSB completed its investigation of the Valhalla accident, it had spent a total of $14,000,000. 


STEP   i

Research & Development TrakSafeT Inc. has taken advantage of modern technology to create a system easily integrated into existing technology. Our team of engineers have developed the TrakSafeT Inc. Railway Notification System (TSTRNS), a modern invention offering an affordable solution to level railway crossing collisions. TrakSafeT Inc.'s solution will provide train operators advance warning of crossing obstructions, allowing train operators the ability to either stop or decrease their momentum to prevent a collision.

STEP  ii

Investment & Approval | TrakSafeT Inc.'s patented and patent pending products will continue their journey towards nationwide implementation. To achieve this, we are pursuing investment and political support. Contact your state’s representatives and demand improved safety technology for railroad crossings today!

STEP iii

Manufacturing & Integration | Since the TSTRNS has been patented (#10,363,950 B2) and R&D has successfully conducted testing of our prototype, the next step is to move towards full-fledged production. Once our device is in the production stage, we can begin working within the industry to help railroad companies implement our modern solution to railroad crossing safety. 



Why Invest?


Our company is prepared to not only take on the ever-progressing world of tomorrow's railway industry, but also grow with it. There's no question as to whether it's time for a better solution to game-change the level of safety in this multi-billion dollar industry. The question that remains to be answered is this: Are you ready to partner with a company that is able to offer the needed solution?

In order to uphold our promise of revolutionizing railroad safety, we need your help. Not only will you be directly contributing to solve an international problem, you'll also be investing in a company directly in the heart of a growing industry.

Confident that our invention is the best step in the right direction, we are in search of partners who are serious about investing in a resolution whose worth is illustrated in saving time, assets, and individuals lives.

If you are a manufacturer, government agency, member of Congress or an individual looking for a promising investment, please contact us as soon as possible. TrakSafeT Inc. is moving quickly; don't miss the train. Contact us below!












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