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STEP   i

Research & Development TrakSafeT Inc. has taken advantage of modern technology to create a system easily integrated into existing technology. Our team of engineers have developed the TrakSafeT Inc. Railway Notification System (TSTRNS), a modern invention offering an affordable solution to level railway crossing collisions. TrakSafeT Inc.'s solution will provide train operators advance warning of crossing obstructions, allowing train operators the ability to either stop or decrease their momentum to prevent a collision.

STEP  ii

Investment & Approval | TrakSafeT Inc.'s patented and patent pending products will continue their journey towards nationwide implementation. To achieve this, we are pursuing investment and political support. Contact your state’s representatives and demand improved safety technology for railroad crossings today!

STEP iii

Manufacturing & Integration | Since the TSTRNS has been patented (#10,363,950 B2) and R&D has successfully conducted testing of our prototype, the next step is to move towards full-fledged production. Once our device is in the production stage, we can begin working within the industry to help railroad companies implement our modern solution to railroad crossing safety. 

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